Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Olympic Trials

This year, Eugene hosted the US Olympic Track & Field Trials. If you know Jim at all, you know that we were going to be there if there was any way possible. He loves track. A. Lot. 

We had tickets to go this past Saturday, which is perfect since our kids are still out of town. I'm getting anxious for them to be back even though we've got 6 more days to go. As of yesterday it's the longest I've ever been away from Aeryn and I'm only surviving because Jim is so completely awesome. But back to the trials... Our seats were right along the finish line but were considered less desirable (aka less $) because they had an obstructed view. 


I didn't mind though as it made it really easy for me to see the order as they crossed the finish line - though it did make focusing the camera on the athletes a little more challenging. 

To the right of us (in view of the finish line but not behind the pole) were the seats reserved for media. Seriously, I think our seats rocked, but I'm sure Jim would have loved to not have the pole in the way. 

We had an amazing view of some spectacular finishes - but my camera battery died so these pictures are mostly from early in the meet. 

We've seen the triple jump guys compete here before and it is always amazing to see how far they go with just a simple hop, skip, and jump. Triple jump was the one event that I placed in every single year at track & field day in elementary school. It wasn't that I was good, just that other people didn't sign up for it.

By far my favorite part of the trials was watching the ladies high jump. This girl, whom I affectionately call "Socks" (Chaunte Lowe) is going to seriously rock the Olympics. She is downright awesome. We watched as Amy Acuff qualified for her 5th Summer Olympic games and as Gabrielle Williams - a high school sophomore - matched the American high school record and placed 5th. It was seriously amazing. 

In the off chance that they do this here again in four years, coupled with the off chance that we are still here, I think we'll splurge for full week tickets. The energy was infectious. 

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