Monday, June 11, 2012

These are the days...

...that just seem absolutely perfect. Do you ever have one of those?

Oregon is bright, warm, and green right now which just begs for people to get outside and enjoy it. When Jim realized that there was a UO baseball game today we decided to make it a family affair and bike over. Did I tell you he gave me a bike for my birthday? No? Well, he's pretty much the most awesome ever and surprised me with a lovely purple cruiser complete with a basket and bell. Part of me feels like I'm 7 again when I ride it, and all of me is completely ecstatic.

Aeryn and I headed from our lovely little apartment over to the lab to meet Jim as he was leaving and we headed over to the stadium. I was so enamored with the perfection of the moment that I simply HAD to try and capture it with my phone.

I love that basket (and the cute family riding with me).

We had the most quintessentially Norman-Rockwellish ride over and then found that there were so many students taking a break from finals that the bleachers were standing room only. Squirt was not going to survive standing up for the game so we hopped back on our bikes and rode home leaving Jim behind to stand it out (and go back to work. Boo.). As we rode through a small puddle she squealed with delight thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Who'd have thought puddles in Oregon would seem so novel?

Just this weekend we learned that Ellie-girl can now ride a two wheeler as well! If I thought today was perfect, I can't wait to see how awesome it is when we are riding all together.

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  1. I'm glad you are taking time to enjoy the simple things. I need to remember to do that more often.


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