Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Stop in Utah

After our jaunt in Great Basin and a night in Ely, NV we headed on to the great metropolis of Utah County to pick up Ellie. We were going to be in town just shy of 24 hours so there was no way to see everyone and do everything that we hoped. Even still, I was able to spend some time with a good friend (whom I dearly miss!), we did our grocery shopping for the coming week, went to our favorite restaurant for a date (oh, the engagement and wedding memories), and cooked dinner for the Davis family. Of course no visit to Utah is complete without spending time with my cute little almost 92 year-old Grandma.

She's my favorite.


For the last couple years she's been living in New Mexico and I haven't seen her very often. Now however she is back in her home and loving it. She had a blast showing Aeryn how to use her organ and they spent a good amount of time pressing all the buttons to see what would happen.

 I'm sure it was more surprising to Aeryn than to Grandma, but she played along anyway.

After visiting at her house for a couple hours I drug her along to the Davis's so that we could feed her. It seems a lot of people worry about whether or not Grandma is eating (because sometimes she just doesn't) so I made sure she had at least one good meal that day. I think she liked it and getting out of the house a little, but I'm sure it was me who enjoyed it the most.

I made the girls stand with Grandma for a picture and Ellie said that she didn't remember my Grandma. They've only really met at our wedding last year so it isn't surprising, but it seems the title "grandma" won out and she decided to be ok with her.

For me this was the highlight of the stop, and picking up Ellie-girl, of course. My grandma has been there for me through some really tough moments, always making me feel unconditionally loved. Everyone needs someone who makes them feel like that. She is pretty much the best.

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  1. Gotta agree with your assessment: Grandma pretty much is the best!


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