Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We left the kids in the care of the grandparents and took off. The girls are spending two weeks with family in Utah and so we finished our vacation alone. They are in good hands, and had a blast sleeping in my parents trailer and becoming Junior Rangers. I'm guessing we are hardly even missed.

On our way out of Yellowstone we stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs because it's the one thing that I always want to see when I think of Yellowstone. I confess I was a touch disappointed. In my mind I imagined the whole thing would be active and have since come to accept that is quite unrealistic. Mammoth is rather large and apparently the total volume of water emerging from the springs hardy varies but the parts of the springs which are active will change frequently. Now that I look at the pictures I think it was pretty cool but at the time it didn't speak to me quite so much. I just expected something much more grand.

Suddenly we found ourselves in the midst of several elk. They were everywhere near the North Entrance to the park and not affected by people, cars, or other sources of commotion.

Every time we go somewhere we send ourselves a postcard with a description of what we did there. Since this was park visit #23 we're getting quite a nice collection of them. We made sure to get the card in the mail before we headed on our way. I loved these bear statues flanking the doors of the post office. We hopped back in the car and drove for the better part of the day. Alone. Which meant there were no requests for snacks, questions about how long until we stopped, or movies blaring too loudly into headphones. Strange, but nice. 

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