Saturday, May 5, 2012

What a day

What a full, magnificent, and completely exhausting day. I mean it.

First thing this morning, Aeryn found these cute little caterpillars on Pinterest. The girl is a little obsessed with Pinterest and I have only myself to blame. She still doesn't understand why I won't let her set up her own account. I suppose it could be helpful when gift-giving Holidays roll around to see what she's interested in, but I doubt even their servers have enough space to store all the cute puppy pictures that she'd pin. The thing about the caterpillars is that it's not a new idea, it just made her think of it. We pulled out our bag of pom-poms and found that ironically this is the exact project suggested on the back of the package. It doesn't matter if it's a new idea or not, she had a blast and it was really nice to be able to indulge her in something she saw online and decided to do all by herself.

Jim was at school most of the day so it was just us girls for the bulk of the day. It went something like this:

Browse Pinterest with Aeryn looking over my shoulder
Make caterpillars
Snow White puzzle
Second breakfast
Aeryn burning her hand on the toaster oven heating element
75 or so Connect Four games
One My Little Pony episode on Netflix
Aeryn riding her bike while I ran down by the river
Shower (me)
Just Dance 3 (her)
World map puzzle
Playing outside 
Washing dishes
Putting burn gel on hand - again
Bake bread
Jim comes home (YAY!!)
Hang out at park with awesome neighbors
Eat hot baked bread with melty butter
Head to Hayward Field for UO Twilight track meet
Freeze solid thinking "It's May, what do you mean I need a parka still?"
Get Aeryn registered for kid's half lap run at the very last minute
Watch her joyously come in third.... from last
Freeze solid for a couple more hours of meets
Contemplate how many times we'll hear "And that is a new world record..." while living in Track Town, USA
Run into friends
Continue to endure freezing and vow to never wear flip-flops at night again
Head to eat ice cream
Change into sweats and wrap up in fleece

Aeryn is the girl in the light pink t-shirt and jeans. Yes, jeans.

See? She really did it! She got a blue finishers ribbon and is so very excited about it. I think we'll have to do this again. Only next time we'll decide more than 10 minutes before the race so she can wear something a little more comfortable than jeans. Now as of this week, two of our family have been able to run on Hayward Field. I think Jim is pretty thrilled.

It's so hard to believe how quickly the day has ended. Didn't it just begin?


  1. Wow, that does sound like a full day! I'm glad you guys went to the Twilight meet, it's such a fun one. It was sooooo cold last night though, sorry you froze. Great job to Aeryn on her running!

  2. Wow that is quite the day! I love days like that though. Just some good family fun days :)


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