Friday, May 18, 2012

Snipets of Daily Life

Things have been pressing along lately. The sun has been out which is amazing. The communal lawn area of our apartments has been buzzing with activity as all the residents we've never seen have emerged from hibernation. It's funny how much life appears when the rain is at bay. Aeryn and I both got our first sunburns of the year this week, and sunblock has become a daily ritual again.

Jim is working long days for a little while. He's getting a research team ready to go to Bolivia (he's not going- hurray!!!) which means he's been getting up between 4:30-5:30a.m. and making it home around 9:30p.m. They gave him the early shift since "he's a morning person." In light of that declaration I'm not sure they have ever really met my husband.

This is what a "morning person" looks like at lunchtime on day #2 of a 4:30 wake up.

With the sunshine little critters are emerging. We were at a BBQ a few weeks back where kids entertained themselves finding newts in the bushes. Since then the kids have been looking in the soil around bushes every time they are outside, sometimes finding little critters.

I'm so glad my little girl isn't afraid of a little dirt (or bugs).

She's starting to understand that it's healthier for the critters to stay in their own home, rather than ours, and will put them back with minimal complaining after just a couple minutes. I love to see the enthusiasm all the kids have for every little thing they find. Is there any toy that can compare with the thrill that comes from nature?

And such it is, snipets of springtime in the Davis home 2012.

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