Thursday, May 10, 2012


Squirt humored me. I wanted to go for a walk. And take pictures. So she let me.

It was a lovely afternoon. A bit chilly, but nothing that bright sunshine couldn't fix. We stepped off the beaten path and explored within the woody area of the trails near our house. She was drawn in by the wildflowers.

And the twirling...

After which we walked some more, getting caught on the thorns of blackberry bushes as we went.

We heard frogs croaking and trees creaking in the breeze. Then we headed home, and continued our non-adventurous life as normal. The excursion lasted about twenty minutes, but it felt like quite an escape. It's amazing what a little bit of green can do for your day. {We love Oregon!}

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  1. Great pictures and beautiful model! :) I love Oregon too... green makes me happy.


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