Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little selfish indulgence...

There are times when taking care of little people is indescribably difficult. Today was one of those days, for me at least. I don't know if she's worried about something, if the minor bullying she's described at school is worse than I know, if the fact that she woke up at 3am today is wearing her down, or if she's just hormonal. Today was hard. I'd tried to make it a great day and took her for frozen yogurt after school, then we came home and the meltdowns began.

Aeryn means the world to me but she also knows how to push my buttons more than any other person on Earth. So I find myself needing to remember the good things so these moments (or complete days) of chaos don't get me down too much.

I've been looking at old pictures. She sure was a cute little thing. She still is cute, even with her mismatched teeth and abnormally large feet for her size. It all means that she's growing again still. Can you believe the audacity of such a thing?

Anyway, just because I needed a reminder, here are a few happy moments from days gone by.

Bad iphone photo of a real photo of my little fuzzhead - 38ish hours old

At the playground. Age 18 mos.

Laying in the warm creek at Great Sand Dune National Park. Age 2

First Twinkie ever - in the car after splashing in the creek at Great Sand Dunes NP. Age 2

Spring Break at Goblin Valley. Age 5

Super excited about her castle cake. Age 6

Jumping on the couch cushions. Age 5

Baking cookies with mom. Age 6

New dollhouse! Age 6

100 days of school - 100 butterflies project. Age 6

A Princess in her cuppy-cake jammies. Age 2
It's all worth it. Even when I wonder how we'll all make it through unscathed, it somehow seems to happen that we do. And somehow, we are building happy memories in the process.


  1. Growing up is hard . . . for everyone . . .

  2. Adorable pictures. Hang in there. It will only get easier... oh wait, that's not true, it will most definitely get harder, buuuuut you can do it. Also, just a reminder, I'm always up for a good vent over the phone or over frozen yogurt... just call me up, anytime. :)


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