Thursday, April 12, 2012


This year, the Easter bunny was pretty lazy. I mean really, he she was at the store the about 8 or 9p.m. the night before hoping to come up with something brilliant out of the leftover candy and treats without spending a ton of money. All the mini Reese's PB cups were gone and it was quite devastating. In a completely exhausted state, she then reluctantly filled and hid a few eggs. Honestly, she'd have rather gone straight to bed, but the Easter bunny must not disappoint! What a tragic childhood that would create. 

Easter morning the kidlet excitedly found many eggs (except for the 3 which still hidden) along with a few small surprises in her Easter basket, and was happy as a clam. 
I didn't take a single picture. 

Then the kidlet put on her new Easter dress and sweater and even let me do her hair fancy (even though it made her look a little too grown up). 
I didn't take a single picture. 

Then we (and by we I mean Jim) made an awesome dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, baby carrots, and fresh rolls (ok, I did make the rolls). 
I didn't take a singe picture. 

But then, a package came in the mail. That's the one (and only) perk of being a child of divorce: presents. I mean, two bedrooms, twice as many Grandparents, parents who tend to overcompensate, etc. These kids end up with a fair amount of stuff. 
This time, I took a picture. 

Aeryn's dad sent an Easter package that was delayed in shipping and didn't make it until today. Man, did it make the Easter bunny look wimpy! It may not be obvious since I chose to focus on her face, but there are 6 (six!) new Skylander figures there. Sheesh. 

Despite the lack of pictures, we had a great Easter. I taught the Easter lesson to my primary class and researched a little bit about the history of Easter. It made me grateful for the Christian missionaries of old who piggybacked on the Pagan holiday of Eastre to include a celebration for Christ's resurrection. 

Bunnies, eggs, and chocolate aside, I'm truly grateful for Easter and the chance to remember what our Savior has done. I'm grateful to have a husband and family to share it with, and I'm grateful for the way it makes me feel inside both when I focus on the spirituality and when I spend time with my family in silly celebrations. Life is beautiful. 

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