Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goodness Gracious

We are still alive! Which is good news to us all after last week.
So here's our family life update in 60 seconds. Ready? GO:

  • Squirt was more sick than she has ever been and it was a little challenging on us all. Amazingly it hasn't spread to any others in our home. 
  • Last night we went to dinner with an Aunt of mine whom His Hotness had never met. It was a grand time with good food and good conversation. 
  • His Hotness is getting into some busy times at school and has had some early mornings participating in studies and being made radioactive. It's a good thing he seems to really like all this experimenting-on-living-people stuff. 
  • We are missing our Jellie-Bellie and counting the moments til we see her again. Squirt is enamored with the dragon Happy Napper Jellie-Bellie gave her for her Birthday and likes to take it everywhere. 
  • After months of searching for pastry rings to use with some recipes I adore (like this one) a cousin blogged about English muffins and I found that if I searched for "muffin rings" instead of "pastry rings" there was a plethora of options available. All is right in the world, even if I do feel a tad silly over how long it took to figure that one out. 
  • His Hotness is humoring me by watching The Bachelor and letting me drone on about the ridiculousness of it all and dealing with my analysis of everyone's personality. Our my guilty pleasure. 
  • Oregon continues to surprise us with sunshine rather than torrential downpours this winter. It's a pleasant surprise, though I do hope it will not mean adverse results for the farmer's market when they reopen this Spring. 

I think that's about it. Happy Thursday!

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