Thursday, February 23, 2012


A while ago I gave Squirt my point-and-shoot camera. She had so much fun playing with it and I seldom used it so giving it to her seemed the logical thing to do. She uses it quite a bit but I never think to check her memory card. The battery needs attention far more frequently than the memory card does. She's loaning the camera to His Hotness for the weekend which meant it was time to clear the card and see what was up. There were pictures of trees and toys, shoes, potatoes, friends, her room, drawings, closed doors, herself, and a bunch with nothing but total blackness.

A few things are evident:

  • she still has no idea to wait and let the camera focus before pressing the button all the way (I've tried to help her, but all I get is an "I know, mom."
  • she loves to change the setting to "pets" because of the little dog image that shows in the screen corner even if the pictures turn out crummy
  • she is not camera shy, as evidenced by the 300 blurry self-portraits I found
  • I can approximate the date pictures were taken by the way she captures her obsessions-of-the-moment
  • she loves that it can take video and makes/narrates her own movies
  • giving her the camera was the right thing to do, even if the images are less than stellar, simply because of the fun she has with it. 

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