Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perfect Pasta

We like to cook. We do.

One of the things we registered for and received (Thanks, dad!) was the Kitchen Aid pasta roller attachment. We've made pasta together before with a crank style pasta roller and thought this would be even better. We were right.

First of all, the roller kneads the dough perfectly. We think this is largely because the roller is moving at a consistent speed and partly because we keep practicing and getting better. With the mixer motor controlling the rollers, it's easier for little hands to help feed the pasta dough.

And here it is. Our first batch of homemade spaghetti from the new roller. Even though we've made pasta before we'd never successfully made spaghetti. The dough was always too sticky to cut and we just didn't get the balance right. Using the mixer this turned out perfect.

I'd say we love it. In 5 days we made 5 batches of homemade pasta and we're just getting started!

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  1. I've been WANTING to get one of those but wasn't sure of the quality. Talk about the perfect review! I might have to pick your brain later about getting noodles that look as pretty as yours ;)


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