Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The fourth was somewhat non-eventful. At least, Aeryn and I had a taste of it over the weekend since Stadium of Fire was Saturday we saw fireworks and the jet fly-by before the fourth actually hit. Jim and Ellie had a family runion so I have no idea what they did, but for whatever reason the kids were marginally interested in the festivities. (We were going to go with them - promise - but other wedding related needs had to be taken care of while they were gone. I'd be a little sad, but I'm so excited to be married to that hot hunk o' man that truly I'm not.)

 So we did what any normal, red-blooded, American family does for the 4th - we made cookies. Just prior to the cookies we'd actually spent a chunk of time outside at our neighborhood block party. The kids were running around with other crazy littles and got to see their fair share of little fireworks. By the time the bigger stuff started they were tired of it and we went back inside. In case you're wondering if they were happy about this, just notice the lack of faces in these pictures. If they refuse to look at me you know they are having fun.

And clearly, nothing says "4th of July" like Easter colored icing and leftover Halloween sprinkles. I can't help it, I TRIED to be domestic and create patirotic wear for the littles, but I was over-analytical about it and they didn't turn out the way I'd hoped.... so instead of letting them wear somthing mediocre I scrapped the project entirely. Outside of baking cookies, I think it's the first time I've felt like I have become my mother.

Easter colors and all, Jim approved. At least he tried to demonstrate that he could easily fit an entire cookie into his mouth at once. Should I make him a medal? I'm not certain. Aeryn seemed quite perplexed as to what was going on and then wanted to mimic the behavior.

At the block party, someone gave Ellie a glow necklace. Immediately I remembered what I had stashed in the closet for some future, unknown day and we pulled out the glow bracelets. It was at this time that I brilliantly decided to experiment with the manual focus/exposure settings on my camera. Not the best timing you say? Well, you're right. They were having so much fun and it was really neat, but I didn't know what I was doing and missed a bunch of the giggle action by realizing that I need to get my eyes checked if I want to be able to read the setting display screen. Sad day.

Despite that, The above picture is one of my favorites. The girls had a blast and this shows it. I have no idea why Aeryn decided to wear her Adirondack/Yeti hat the entire 90 degree evening, but regardless of that, it was a spectacular day and I have no idea why Ellie did not care to watch big billowy fireworks, but hey, I don't think children are meant to be fully understood. Life would be too easy.

Hope your day was amazing!

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