Friday, October 9, 2015


It's better late than never. This girl started seventh grade. Seventh? Really? Oy.

I had to work so first day pictures had to wait until afternoon. She tried to cooperate, but really she just wanted to go off and and hang out with friends. Most of her looks scream "whatever."

This girl loves boots. And skirts. Or rather, she thinks she loves skirts but still wears jeans most days.

This year is going so well. Last year was a daily battle with homework and structures and responsible choices, but there has been a great improvement in all those areas so far this year. Well, with the homework and structure areas at least. Responsibility is a slow going process :)

When I think about her being my baby girl I get all choked up. Is this really the same child that I held and rocked and snuggled for years? It's crazy how quickly the time goes. Everyone used to tell me how quickly the first year passes, but man alive, each year after that just goes faster and faster. Crazy.

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