Friday, October 9, 2015

Beach House Weekend

At the end of summer we were able to spend a weekend at the beach in Lincoln City with Jim's parents and his brother's family. It was dreamy. Like, seriously dreamy. We were literally only feet from the beach and the kids got to frolic and play in the sand to their hearts content. As true Northwest children (most of them anyway) they were completely unaffected by the cool air, no matter how soaked they were.

We took a couple different hikes, and these photos are most definitely not in order, but the two were completely different yet completely great.

One day we went to a "secret beach" that BIL/SIL + kids used to frequent. The beach is only accessible during low tide and we made it in farther than they had seen before. There were numerous sea stars, plenty of photographic opportunity for my FIL, and many little puddles for T to splash in.

T hiked a little way with Grandma before dad snatched him, took off at a crazy pace and left us all behind. I confess I was quite disappointed. Since I was lugging all the baby stuff and the camera, the least I could have had was the chance to see the baby being all cute. I didn't end up with to many pictures as a result. Next time though I suppose we will both get to hold a baby.

The view from where we turned around was beautiful. I sure do love the west coast.

I think he was pointing at my camera, but I really don't remember. Jim's smile is so great that I don't need to remember the details. It just makes me happy.

Tate found the different textures to be pretty interesting. He was more interested in just looking at them, but splashing in all the puddles was his favorite thing ever.

The little girls climbed through rock tunnels...

And Uncle Ben became a beacon on top of a rock. The coast is so refreshing. I'm thankful we've had the chance to live so close and get to experience these type of things each year.

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