Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tate and Me at the Park

It's been so nice to have some one on one time with my Taters after getting home. Ellie and Aeryn are both occupied with other things and I get to play stay-at-home mom for a while. It's nice when they are all home of course, but this is much more calm and a good gentle step back into the crazy reality of our life.

This kiddo is so funny. At 18 months he has some definite personality emerging.

His favorite word is "Bah." As in ball, or blanket, or belly button (bah bah), or anything else that begins with a "B" sound. Most commonly though it means ball.

In this case the "bah" was an apple; An apple that was thrown all over the place as though it were an actual "bah."

It's pretty stinking cute.

He also loves to explore and tinker with things. A few of the construction crew walked by as he was putting sticks into this pipe and they all mentioned he should be a plumber.

Some little details about the dude:

  • He doesn't like to eat much of anything but bread. We think it's mostly a texture thing, and he eats enough other stuff periodically that it isn't worrisome at this point, I just wish he were more adventurous. 
  • He has a favorite blanket and will cuddle up to it and suck his thumb at both nap and bedtime. 
  • Big kids are his favorite. I figure it's because the girls are nuts and he tries to keep up with them, but he will play with big kids at Co-op much better than the other toddlers. 
  • He loves kitchen gadgets and wants a spatula and a wooden spoon very first thing when he wakes up every morning. 
  • He's finally able to hold up his balance bike, but still walks around rather slowly with it. It's coming though!
  • He is starting to have a pretty good sense of humor; he plays games and laughs at animal puppets on baby Einstein videos. 
  • He barks like a dog when he sees almost any non-dog animal. 
  • He's quite possibly my greatest link to sanity when the girls' are going berserk. 

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