Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pics of my kids in pajamas - just because

Whenever Ellie is here, I have to be sure to get pics of the kids together, even if the pictures are less than stellar. I've finally decided that the on-camera flash is not completely evil. I'd rather have the pictures than not. This was Ellie's last night with us (for this month anyway) and it was bedtime, which always makes for questionably cooperative subjects.

Tate was completely enthused by this idea, can you tell?

It takes a million attempts to get one picture with eyes open and mouths somewhat normal. How did parents do it with only film? How did I manage with Aeryn and a crazy slow digital camera that used floppy disks???

The girls think they are helping when they get in his face and "cheer him up." I think sucking his thumb is how he endures having sisters.

This is where it was hitting Ellie that it was almost bedtime and she was getting on a plane a few hours later. The first and last days are always the hardest because emotions are so strong.

Bedtime snuggles are always appreciated.

Our silly kids. Gotta love them.

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