Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baby Fish

Evidently my little Tater Tot loves the water. We attended a swim party tonight (and by tonight I really mean a month ago since I never posted this) to bid farewell to some of our dear grad school friends (a fact I'm quite conflicted on) and Tate got his first real swimming experience. It was a cool day and I wasn't sure he'd love being wet, but our friends turned up the heat on their pool and it was quite pleasant. At least that's what I hear as I chose to stay dry. 

The girls were here somewhere too. They spent a good chunk of time in the pool and possibly more time in the hot tub. It's so nice that they are both strong enough swimmers now that we don't have to be right by them every second.

I don't know if Tate or Jim is enjoying this more. 

Since he's already signed up for a mom and me swim class later this summer, I'm relieved to see he is already keen on this. I think baby swim trunks are the cutest thing I've ever seen and I plan to dress him in them as often as possible. 

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