Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Normal Day

Ellie is much better at riding her bike. She loves it and can easily start by herself now.

The neighbor kids are crazy, as always. Side note: this boy's family will be moving this summer and I am not really happy about it. His mom has been warned not to use phrases such as "When we move..." in my presence. I don't like swearing.

I cannot keep this girl's hair looking normal. She's got my barely wavy hair on most of her head with tight spiral curls at her temples. Between the humidity and using a normal hairbrush, she ends up with masses of fuzzy hair all day long. Anyone have brilliant ideas how to work with natural curls in humidity? I'm at a complete loss.

Ellie has decided that this is her new photo face. I asked why the pout and she just said that she thinks it is really cute. I thought you had to be a teenager with a cell phone and facebook account to make faces like this.

Another normal day. We need more of these.

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