Monday, January 14, 2013


Well, the day was a success. We all survived and Squirt had an exhausting, good, awesome, happy, sad day (her words). Sad because she didn't get to talk to her Noni very long since our house was loud, but all those other things for everything else. They sang to her at school, we went to Ihop for dinner, and had friends over for cake and ice cream. Fun times.

Now, can we all please go to sleep? I am tired. 

Saturday we had a friend party (that I may write about in the next day or two...) but I was a slacker and bought cupcakes from a local bakery. Yesterday I decided that I needed to bake this girl a cake for today. On my Pinterest boards, she saw one with a cute fondant owl and we decided to go for it - though it ended up with my own twist. It just isn't a birthday without a homemade cake.

Our house was overflowing with people and it was fantastic. One day I like to imagine we'll actually have room and seating for all the people who come over, but at least we are all in the same small apartment boat here. Everyone was so loving to Aeryn and it was really fun to have all the kids around. We haven't seen people much since the Holidays took us all different directions and it was nice to reconnect.

I think she liked it. I know I love the black and white candles a little more than most rational people love candles.

And.... wish!

She opened her gifts with Ellie watching via Facetime. This was the moment Jim realized that he could "tickle" Ellie with a wiggly finger over the camera and she would still erupt in laughter as though you could really reach out and touch her. Awesomesauce. Aeryn made out pretty well! A jewelry box, clothes, a Monster High doll she didn't have yet, earrings, new scriptures, lip glosses and nail polish. Quite an amazing day for the little lady. 

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