Saturday, August 25, 2012

Somewhat-Fearful Fish

If there is one area in which the girls are most definitely individuals, it is in their attitude about water. Aeryn likes to go swimming but with significantly less gumption than Ellie. Her first round of swimming lessons are done and went extremely well. She's gaining confidence every lesson and getting much stronger. She didn't give me quite the camera-ham show the way that Ellie did. That might be partly because of my attempt to follow her class around the pool hiding behind pillars in an attempt to be stealthy. It didn't work, btw.

In this class they introduced diving. She's been a real trooper about it, since it's something even her mom refuses to do because of a traumatic swim lesson experience somewhere around 1988.

For all the grandparents who didn't think this was a possibility, yes, she went down the water slide! I'd say she almost liked it, if it weren't for her insistence afterward that she never wanted to do it again.

Here's hoping the growing tolerance for water continues, she's got another session starting in two weeks. Looking at pictures of her swimming makes me want to hold her in my arms and apologize for giving her my ultra-fair complexion, but then I remember the kind lady in the locker room who told me how gorgeous my skin is and I take a tiny little moment to smile.

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