Friday, August 26, 2011


Trying to fill time is a challenge I've not had in a loooong while.

Time, it seems, has always been sparse with way too much to accomplish. Now, however, the buglet has 1 1/2 more weeks of Summer vacation, I have no job leads, and the days are emptier than I have expereinced in years. There's no lawn to mow, no house projects to complete, no lesson planning or grading or ACT prep classes. There's no neighborhood full of children showing up at my house in need of snacks and Walmart has the best craft supply in town. I'm certain that all this free time won't last - which is a good thing as it's such an unusual challenge to have and dare I say rather boring?

Today, we went photo happy. In effort to pass the hours buglet and I took our cameras (I gave her my small point and shoot on our trip to Crater Lake) and went out to see what visual treats Eugene has to offer. (Ok, we really went only to one park and half the shots are not from today, but Voila! Images of Eugene!)

U of O Campus

This one is hilarious to me, even though it's a mediocre shot (at best). As we were approaching the stop sign at this crosswalk I noticed that it was in use - by a whole gaggle of geese. Literally at least 15 geese were lined up like school children crossing at the crosswalk toward the pond. I couldn't get a great shot because, well, I was driving and decided the life of me and my child was far more important than a better picture of the geese.

Alton Baker Park

I love this bike. Seriously, I might hang this one on the wall. Awe. Some.

Outside the public library on attempt #2 to secure a library card. A 2nd failed attempt that is. Here in Eugene they are rather particular on how to prove you're local. Aeryn got her own library card for the first time and l.o.v.e.s it.

Jim's lab (a.k.a. the room that is stealing my husband from me). Come here and you're likely to get poked through with needles and pushed to the brink of collapse on a stationary bike. I'd think twice before visiting him at work.

And thus concludes our mini photo tour of our new life.

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  1. It looks like a great place. The picture of the geese is fantastic!!


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