Saturday, August 27, 2011


So I found a creative outlet, for which I didn't have to buy a thing.

It strikes me as funny how often we're channeling children towards things that are creative and use their imagination (or maybe that's just me) and then how infrequently we urge ourselves to do the same. I know, life gets busier and all that jazz. Lately I've been craving some creative time. Call it needing an outlet or just wanting to play, I just wanted to.

A few years ago when we lived in my parents basement (long before His Hotness made his way around here) I made this little sign for Aeryn's room. I think it was a way to personalize a space I wasn't allowed to paint.

It was cute and born of something I saw in a PBkids catalog (naturally). She's getting older though and I wanted it to reflect that. So, hot pink, black, and white it is.

I swear it looks better in person. The hallway gets NO natural light whatsoever so the flash is a requirement, not an option and those colors look terrible here. I promise they match. Paint, black fabric, modpodge, felt, beads, thickers, and hot glue: already owned. So.... cost = free.

It's not like the sign is needed, I mean, you open the door and see this:

There is really no question which room you are in. The buglet likes it though, and I got to fill a much needed creative void (for free!).

Sometimes I feel weird for my insatiable quest for creative expression (even though I'm not "an artist") but then I read (or listen, or watch) this and feel so much better. After all, "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul."

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