Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Redwoods '14

The California Redwood forests are some of my favorite places in all the world. There is a tranquility I cannot describe. I love that the park includes both coast and forest so there is much to do and it is all awe inspiring.

No, I don't typically run around with my jeans rolled up all weird. We had been at the beach before zipping over to the sign. I'm still unsure how we succeeded in keeping the kids dry above mid-thigh.

Little dude liked the ocean. He loves water though so that isn't too surprising. We didn't make him get soaked in the cold water which probably helped.

The girls never tire of the ocean. Really, who does?

We visited the coast the night we arrived to catch it at high tide and then again the next morning where we caught low tide. It was really neat to point out the differences to the kids though I think all they cared about was frolicking free of parental hovering. The beach was rather clear of tidal detritus though, unfortunately.

The next morning we walked Stout Grove. It's one of our favorite areas in the park. This year we didn't do any real hikes, but seeing the massive trees in the grove is almost better than any hike we would do there. It never ceases to amaze me how massive they are.

This is such a common sight. The girls have to both be involved with everything regarding Tate. He handles it with greater patience than they do, or that I do for that matter.

And then he gets rescued by dad and he can continue being cute in peace.

The girls have so much fun taking pictures of each other. It is hilarious to watch the posing and shot set up that goes into it.

They were being silly and I just liked it.

Squished into "our" hollow tree. I love that we do this every year. It's really easy to see how the kids have grown and it's just a fun little tradition. Since we come every summer I feel like I don't ever have much to say about it other than "the trees were big and it was pretty!" I suppose that is accurate, and enough. 

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