Thursday, November 28, 2013

50 Things I'm Thankful For v. 2013

This Thanksgiving has been quite different for me. I confess I haven't been terribly excited for it, mostly because I'm just tired. It's a pivotal moment in the checklist of things-that-happen-before-the-baby-comes though, so in that sense I've been really anxious for it to come. Plus, I really, really wanted to eat the smoked turkey Jim was making on the BBQ. He's pretty much the most awesome person ever and I love that he cooks such delicious food. I'm one lucky girl.

This week the kitchen has gradually worn me down. First, I was making pasta dough and the bottom part of the kitchen aid that holds the beater completely fell off into the bowl. Since this piece is compression fit at the factory there is no quick and easy fix. The part has to be ordered and then there is the labor to swap it out. It's going to be more than a hundred dollars to fix (but still less than the price of a new mixer) and is rather disappointing. I admit to feeling a surge of relief that there is a reason to not over commit myself to some mysterious baking agenda and have been much more accepting of the damage.

Then I tried to make a salted caramel tart, the base of which is a graham cracker crust. Long story short, I took a perfect crust out of the oven and set it on a burner to cool. In my haste to make the filling I turned on the wrong stove burner and didn't notice it until the crust, and the parchment beneath it, were on the verge of flames. That was definitely not what I hoped my house would smell like on Thanksgiving.

After that I ended up burning the caramel filling beyond recognition. When I decided to make a pumpkin mousse filling instead (since I didn't really have ingredients left for much else) I found that one of the beaters to my hand mixer had completely come apart. Have you tried to beat anything with only one beater? It is hardly effective, to say the least.

I ended up trying to make a filling using the dough hooks for the hand mixer and while the end result was fairly tasty, the consistency was not what I hoped and it seemed like a mediocre standby to me. I blame pregnancy brain, even if that's a cheap shot. I can't seriously be this goofed up on my own. The thought that this accurately represents my kitchen competency is too much for me to bear.

I've been in a bit of a sick-of-being-pregnant funk lately so it's about time I begin this year's list. Remembering how much I have to be thankful for always helps me refocus.

50 Things I'm Thankful For v. 2013

  1. A healthy body. It may not always do what I want without protest, but I'm so thankful for it and the capabilities I have as a result
  2. Getting kicked in the ribs, and the way it reminds me every day what a miracle it is to grow a person
  3. Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles
  4. A husband who is far and away a better match for me than I ever dreamed I would find 
  5. Two beautiful girls, who keep me on my toes and challenge me in every possible way 
  6. Getting to be nursery leader at church for the better part of this year. I miss it every single week
  7. Living in a place that is naturally green and beyond description beautiful 
  8. Kite flying at the coast
  9. Date nights with my husband, where we can pretend for a time that outside demands are non-existent 
  10. Artistic, creative friends who continually inspire and motivate me to indulge my own creative sensibilities
  11. Health Insurance
  12. Pillows. Lots and lots of pillows 
  13. Hot water heaters; my favorite invention of all time
  14. Hand-me-down baby clothes 
  15. The power of sunshine to heal the soul
  16. A mother who let me know beyond a shadow of doubt that I was the most important thing in her world 
  17. Access to our apartment community room for whatever gathering we feel like planning 
  18. Target clearance sales
  19. Walking away from a gorgeous marble cake plate on clearance at Target just this week
  20. My iphone still working, even though I dropped it in water and had a minor panic attack 
  21. The many National Park adventures the hubs and I have been able to have 
  22. The ability to pursue education
  23. Selling things on Craigslist and feeling like less of a slave to material possessions 
  24. Having a dishwasher 
  25. Mandatory recycling
  26. Vitamin Water
  27. Warm baths
  28. Pinterest, now that I've learned how to use it without letting it suck my life away
  29. Sweet Life Patisserie
  30. Beautiful cake plates
  31. Wild daffodils growing along I-5
  32. The Eugene Celebration parade
  33. Amazing friends we've met in grad school
  34. Learning that my camera and lens have limitations, meaning that the barriers to getting the shots I want are not all operator error
  35. Super Saturday
  36. The extreme diversity of this beautiful planet
  37. Opportunities to meet people from all over the world in student housing, and consequently to learn about how very many things I take for granted living in the United States
  38. Lotion
  39. Fleece blankets
  40. Bicycle traffic lights
  41. Clean water to drink
  42. Having never wondered where my family would find their next meal 
  43. Family bike rides in the summer
  44. Leather boots
  45. Three pairs of glasses in the right prescription, so there is always a style to fit my mood or a pair to wear when I misplace one of the others
  46. Banana Republic Visa card rewards
  47. Bird songs at any time of day along the Amazon Parkway Trail
  48. Ice cold drinking water
  49. Picking berries with my family
  50. Faith 

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