Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pregnancy Woes

I try really hard to be optimistic. For the most part, I have very easy pregnancies and am not sick at all compared to others I know. With Aeryn I worked comfortably every single day and expected to go to work the day she was born, until she let me know she had other plans. This time I'm not feeling so fantastic.

I'm at 25.5 weeks. The baby is growing and kicking like crazy - putting on a funny show the other night where I could see him kicking through the blankets on my bed. I couldn't help but laugh and wonder what kind of bundle of energy he will be. The crib is set up and I'm getting a good start on decorating and other nonessentials the way I'd like them to be. Things are rolling forward quite splendidly.

However, I'm a little irritated. Last week I caught a cold. A piddly little cold that I can't kick to save my life. Ten whole days now! Jim and Aeryn didn't catch it, which I am grateful for, and it's the kind of thing that normally would have me down and out for maybe a day. I didn't bargain for how much harder it is on your body when you're growing a person. Then there's the fact that I can't lift heavy things. Ok, I get it, I can adapt and let people help me once in a while. Until I get a spontaneous thought to relocate the printer, lean against a wall to nudge a dresser out ever so slightly (like 2") in order to reach the outlet behind it and in doing so cause major pain to my foot. Six days of incapacitating pain that has me hobbling around like I don't have that foot at all. The doctor even said it was probably due to pregnancy and the way hormones cause your body to relax and I just overtaxed it and blah, blah, blah. Long story short he said to STAY OFF MY FEET until it feels better - which he said to allow at least 2-3 weeks for, which is where I get really grumpy. I'm not a stay-off-my-feet kind of person. Though the way I change my walk to compensate for the foot then triggers lower back pain and sciatica... so perhaps sitting on my bum for a while is the way to go.

After how difficult it is for me to get pregnant, I feel bad for complaining. This is miraculous and wonderful and the best thing in the world. There are days though where pregnancy is really frustrating. It's definitely different this time around. For the first time pretty much ever, I'm feeling the difference between the upper thirty's and the upper twenty's. This was much, much easier eleven years ago.

So there it is. Pregnancy may be the most amazing thing in the world, but it's also crazy hard some days.


  1. Amen. I had my babies at 21 and 23 and it was still hard on the body. It is ok to be real and honest about the discomforts you are facing. Sending love cousin!

  2. Pretty sure that anytime you are growing a human you have reason to complain! He is taking over in there! And I think it's always hard on your body. I also think being pregnant the 2nd time around was harder as well. Anyways hope you get feeling better and that these next weeks fly by!

  3. Michelle, baby #5 was extremely active. In the delivery room the nurses were concerned; informed me that it was a sign of dehydration. They increased my water and he calmed down. Five babies and I'm just now being told this?

  4. I agree, pregnancy can be awesome, but just dang hard some days too! And I think each pregnancy got more uncomfortable for me too. Maybe he's already practicing football in there to play with Jim. I wish I could see your crib and everything you are making and help you out!

  5. Hang in there girl. You are awesome!


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