Thursday, August 1, 2013

And then we hit the forest...

I don't know what it is about the Redwoods. There is just a feeling of being so completely separated from reality that makes it feel like a true vacation. There isn't any cell service (at least not in the Northern parts we visit) and I think that's one of the things I really love. It makes it so much easier to focus on just having a good time together. Granted, it means I put a lot less pictures on instagram, but that isn't really a critical thing.

When I was pregnant with Aeryn, I avoided photographs like the plague. Since I now regret that, I'm making an effort to embrace being in them with my family. I will never be an airbrushed size 2 pregnant person, but I think the changes in my body are really miraculous and love that it is growing another human being. This time around I'm trying very hard to have a healthier attitude about documenting things.

I love that the Redwoods State/National Parks include coastline. Ellie is a crazy fool for water, and Aeryn is a crazy fool for sand. As such they are both completely thrilled with a chance to hit the coast. This time we ended up with only one child who was soaked higher than their waist. Any guesses which one?

Ellie built this sand castle volcano thing (I don't really know what she meant it to be) despite the fact that the water kept flirting with tearing it down. I think she really believed it would be spared. It was, for a couple minutes at least.

The Junior Ranger program at the Redwoods includes a section where they are supposed to look for certain things on the shore. Since our first stop at the coast was during high tide, we headed back in the morning to see what we could see. There were dozens of crabs smashed to bits among the rocks. Aeryn picked up this little claw and ran straight at me "I have a claw!!! I have a claw!!!"

Jim worked pretty hard to get Ellie to touch one. She tends to get nervous about new experiences like this, but I think when Aeryn started to grab the big crab that Ellie found most appealing it helped her to push past the discomfort and jump right in. Aeryn gave it to her and grabbed another and they were all happy as can be.

Crab kisses!!!

Crab dinner? Anyone? Anyone?

Aeryn took this pic of Jim and I, and I think it turned out pretty good. We were getting a little hungry...

Last year Jim & Ellie sat in this tree for a picture, so we had to do it again for a size comparison. I suppose that means that I ought to pull up the old pic at some point so we can actually see the difference.

We all (Me, Jim, & Ellie) crawled into this tree last year too. It was fun being in the Redwoods all together. Our previous two trips have had only one of the kids. They are much sillier together.

Showing our true colors. I love the reactions we get from other tourists when we take pictures like this.

This tree is the largest in Stout Grove. We met a family who was measuring trees by how many "Chelseas" around it was. This seemed like a grand idea. This tree is 16.5 Ellies and 12.5 Aeryns around. I think we're going to start doing this more often. The kids thought it was awesome. Since we tend to come here every summer, it will be a cool way to watch them grow too.

This summer is a lot less active than last, in terms of always running around camping here and there. We only have one more upcoming trip and you know, I'm enjoying this slower pace to summer. It's fun to go and see things, but it's also fun to have low key time at home all together.

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  1. Matt and I were just talking about how we needed to make it to the red woods and this post was excellent advertising! I can totally relate to the pregnancy photos BUT I can confidently inform you that you are a beautiful woman, pregnant or not. I especially love the baby bump when you're all in the tree making silly faces. Can't wait to meet that sweet baby!


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