Monday, July 22, 2013


There are times I can't believe how much fun it is to live in Eugene. I mean, I don't really love sports, wear hemp, avoid showering for random periods of time, or smoke pot outside my kid's elementary school, but the track and field world completely consumes this community and brings with it an energy I really love. Jim is in heaven. Even without a huge appreciation for sports, there are times that I remember the fun of growing up in Colorado Springs with the Olympic Training Center. One summer I was able to participate in the Junior World Cycling Championship opening exercises. I was a member of the Red Cross Youth Volunteer Corps and they had us help with carrying flags and placards during the opening ceremony. It was a blast. I carried the sign for Venezuela and could not get over how cute the cyclists from Zimbabwe were. Did I mention I was 14?

Tonight the girls got to do something similar. Today was the one year kickoff party for the Junior World Track and Field Championships to be held in Eugene, you guessed it, one year from today.

The goal was to have kids from the community carry flags to represent the 212 countries that will be participating. They couldn't change into their shirts until just before walking a brief promenade as the logo debut was part of the day's festivities.

The kids did not get to select their own country flags, but with some bartering and trading on Jim's part, they ended up with flags for Trinidad and Barbados; two countries from his mission.

There were track related activities for the kids, though few actually used them. I offer the following visual comparison of our childrens' athletic ability:

Aeryn desperately wants to run hurdles, but it just isn't in her genetics. Poor kid. She is too much like her mother. I hope for Jim's sake the new little one gets his athletic ability and not mine.

Ellie seems indifferent about hurdles, but is clearly much more capable in the track department. Then again, that's in her genetics too.

We hadn't eaten in several hours and the kids were getting really antsy. I had to take this picture because it's just so classic. Jim talking to Ellie so she'll know what to expect and hopefully not have a meltdown, and her pout because she isn't hearing what she hoped for. I don't think I have any pictures of Aeryn like this because I was always the one doing the talking. It's much more fun to be the observer.

All the kids were to stand still and wave their flags during the logo reveal. I couldn't find ours in the chaotic mass.

After some dinner we were all a little happier and more energetic. We walked back through the event area after the crowds had dissipated and the girls were able to get the last two logo flags that were being handed out to kids. They had a little too much fun now having two flags each.

We headed back to the car with a stop at a local chocolatier for hand-dipped ice cream bars, then headed home fat and happy.

I think Jim is really excited for next year. It will be a fun time. Every time we attend a track meet at Hayward Field there are new world records being set. I don't know how the human body can move like some of these athletes can, but it sure is exciting to watch.

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  1. I'm so glad the girls got to do this! It looks like a lot of fun. I almost signed our kids up and now I wish we had, if nothing else, just to see you guys.

    Also, congratulations!!! I thought I had heard something from someone, but wanted to wait until I heard something from you. I still have those baby shoes I stole from you at that last Naked Lady Party. Euan never wore them, they are as good as yours. :)


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