Friday, December 21, 2012

Self Image

I love projects that show how kids see themselves. Aeryn brought this home from school and gave it to me as a gift. I love it and don't ever want to forget what she wrote. Some of it was a complete surprise. Dentist? That's a new one. I suppose it gets tacked on to the end of the BYU cheerleader/4th grade teacher/veterinarian dream.

I am the one who is happiest when I have new friends.
I am the one who thinks about friendship.
I am the one who loves to play.
I am the one who is lucky because I'm awesome!
I am the one who will someday be a dentist.

Who am I? 
I am a girl who is kind and happy and amazing. I have blond hair and blue eyes and freckles. And I'm 4 foot 7 inches and 70 pounds. Do you know who I am?

My Favorite Things
My favorite things include lots of items. First I like lions. They are my best fans. Next, I like writing. Finally, it is fun to do drawing. Also, I love my teddy bear. I love my things.

My Family
My family is odd and kind. My family loves traveling. They also like waterfalls. We have 4 people in my family. We spend a lot of time together. Also we love wolves. My family loves me.

The best part about this? She knows she's loved and that we like to spend time together. Oh, and the family portrait where she and Ellie are both holding their favorite stuffed animals is pretty awesome too.

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  1. She's lucky because she's awesome? Sure sounds like it to me!


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